First Order of Business: Get This Little Guy Home

I recently saw the story of this little guy on Facebook and was moved with a great desire to bring him home to my family.  I do not yet know whether that will be a reality for us or not.  But I do know that we can help some family bring him home soon, before it is too late for him.  The Reece’s Rainbow Ministry makes it possible to raise money toward the cost of adoption of a special needs child.  Many families may be willing to adopt but find it difficult to meet the hefty financial requirement to do so.  A little help raising funds can help those families become the forever families these little children need.


 My first order of business on this blog is to get Royce into the arms of his Forever family.  I do hope that we can be that family, but as we discern wether that can be, let’s not lose any time making his little life better!

I will attempt to do this by raising awareness, enthusiasm and DOLLA’ BILLS with a series of fun and frightening challenges a la the Polar Plunge or  a game day- loser shaves his left eyebrow bet.

My First Challenge Will Be This:

If we can raise $300 for Royce in one week I will eat a whole HOT Jalapeno! Wowza!  I don’t want to do it, but I WILL for Royce.  His adoption grant sits at $522 today.  If we can get that number up to $822 by Thursday, October 17th 2013, I will eat the Jalapeno and post pictures for you to enjoy.

Let’s Do This Thing!

Go right now to: and Donate to Royce’s adoption grant.

I hope you will spread devotion to this mission far and wide so that by each person giving a little, we can bring Royce home. I will up the stakes as the weeks go on, so please share this and get yourself and your friends excited about helping Royce, and Remember him and all children like him in your prayers.

Please don’t read this and go back to skimming Facebook for new photos or catchy status updates and forget about this little boy who just needs YOU to remember him.  Act now, while it’s on your mind, while HE is on your heart.  Donate, share this with your friends, talk about it at lunch, at work and on the phone.  Remember Royce.  And remember that our Lord said, “Whatever you did to one of these least brothers of mine so you did to me.”

Thank you.


I am very happy to announce that a generous donor has pledged to match your donations this week dollar for dollar up to $250.  This would mean that if you donate $5 this week Royce will receive $10 if you donate $25 he will get $50.  That means  that If we can raise just $250 in one week, that $250 will become $500 for Royce, and that will put him over the $1,000 mark; a great way to get this thing started.   In light of this pledge, I will modify my Hot Jalapeno challenge to this:If we raise the $250 for this matching pledge, I will eat a whole Jalapeno and post the video to this blog.  Who wouldn’t pay to see this Irish girl eat a jalapeno? 


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